The Birth of YouNicheLy™







The Origin Story 

Life is fun.  Life is challenging.  Life is happy, sad, comedic and tragic...  And this can be all on the same day!  Such is life.  And these are life experiences.  We all have them, in our own way.  This is our connection to each other.  This is the thread of humanity.  Our experiences-mine and yours. We all relate to each other with these experiences – their similarities; their differences.  And how we express them.  The owner and creator of You-Niche-Ly™ knows this very well.  She sets her goals in life to work hard and party harder.  With each challenge, she faces it with determination and “prove me wrong” attitude.  With sadness and tragedy, she looks for the rose amongst the thorns (if you can’t find it, well then you are not looking hard enough).  With happiness, well she knows only too well, it is fleeting and no matter how long it lasts, it is never long enough-so appreciate it with everything you have. 

Even in the worst of situations, there is something to be learned, gained, or savored.  Appreciation must be the common core of ever day life.  When something goes right, well appreciate it because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.  When something goes wrong, well appreciate the fact it could be worse (no matter the situation) and appreciate it is not.

Life and all it has to offer is just a series of rollercoasters.  The highs are very high, the lows are very low and the in between, well just enjoy where you are and prepare for what comes next.

Understand every good is not always met with something bad around the corner.  And even if all you experience is bad, there is not always an equal good coming around the bend to offset the bad.  There is no way of knowing what will be.  Just know what will be, will be.  Your job is to ride the ride and make the best of the situation, no matter how good or bad, how happy or sad (wait, isn’t that a song?—yes, yes it is). 

Comradery, support, community, family and friends will get you through this challenge called life.  Perspective and appreciation should be at its core.  And laughter, cannot say enough about laughter.  And don’t forget about progress – we must constantly move forward, learn and grow.

No matter who you are, you are a part of this, you have experienced, you are a witness to it.  We are each an individual amongst the masses within humanity.  The world gears its actions and reactions to the “norm”, the average, the “18-35 year olds” prime market.  But each of us are unique, special, different, and non-average.  Each of us might have similarities with others, but we do not exactly match ANYBODY.  Oh, what a sad world this would be if we were all alike.

We are all human.  We are more alike than we are different.  We are all searching for the same thing.  Happiness or perhaps joy (there is a difference).  Maybe even love, in its rarest, truest form-“True Love”.  Some seek more, some seek less.  But at the core, it is our desire, our goal, our challenge, our determination, our…

Everything that we are, everything that happens to us is unique to us.  It is our story.  It is our character.  Walk a mile in MY shoes.  Even though our situation may be similar, it is my shoes not yours and it is my experience, not yours and it is unique to me.

Hence the birth of You-Niche-Ly.COM™.  Each of us has our own, You-Niche-Ness™ and we each have the right to express ourselves You-Niche-ly™.

The platform of expression is plain and simple.  We all have something to say, and at You-Niche-Ly.COM™ we promote your right to say it, but say it with Kindness, Respect, Tolerance, Acceptance, Inspiration, Diversity, Laughter, Love, Hope, or Faith.  These elements must be present and has to be the key and core of the expression.  There is no need for hatred, division, intolerance or even politics or religion in these expressions. 

Given these restrictions, by all means spread your words.  Express yourself, You-Niche-Ly™.   You-Niche-Ly.COM™:   A place where you can find a way to express what you are feeling – your own unique way.

On a personal note, the owner has a tragic difficult story of her own.  A minority woman, raising her children to become independent happy responsible adults and raising her parents through their old age (it’s a thing and it’s real), she lost herself in a very abusive relationship and has gone through difficult times trying to survive it all.  As we all do. 

While her story is unique to her, it is not uncommon to most.  And that’s what needs to be remembered.  Similarities do not make the story the same.  The characters are different and unique to her, the situation and events are different and unique to her, the outcome are different and unique to her. 

There is a line in West Side Story (the movie – the OG) where Action says “When you was my age? When my old man was my age, when my brother was my age... You was never my age, none of ya! And the sooner you creeps get hip to that, the sooner you'll dig us!”  This line always stuck with the owner – how in its simplest form there is much truth.  We may all be going through the same things, but each of us has our own story, our own feelings, our own tolerance, our own patience, our own progress, our own (fill in the blanks).  Ours is just that, it is ours no matter how similar or the same it may seem with others.

What is the same is that life is challenging.  The ups are high, the downs are low.  The in-between are far and few. 

The perspective and the appreciation, the progress and the hope – it all gets you through all of it, the happy and the sad.  She believes you cannot have one without the others.  And in the end, no matter if we understand or not, it works out to what will be and the only control we have is our perspective and our appreciation.

Another perspective to explain this would be in the Hunger Games.  Yes, Katniss decided to “Volunteer as Tribune” to protect her little sister.  And yes, while her experience and journey brought change and progress, the end result was Primrose died in the end.  Katniss did not change the end result, but she did incite change and progress. 

This is our job in our individual life.  We may not have control to change the end result, but we do have our own choices, our own path, our own story.  Control the things we can, progress forward, don’t sweat the small stuff and live life the best you know how.

Perspective, appreciation, progress, hope.  We all understand.  We all experience.  We all have our You-Niche-Ness™ and we each express it You-Niche-ly™.

Without doubt, life has its ups and its downs -- enjoy the rollercoaster.

Yes, life gives you lemons.  And yes, while most try and succeed in making lemonade, the owner’s goal instead, is to make orange juice!!!